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11 March 2006
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It has been mentioned in a previous thread, however it should have a thread of its own in this section. I have no data on the size (it seems a small aircraft 10m in length) of this aircraft. I have attached a picture which was in flight International...but have no way of knowing which one.


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Here's the flight international article you were talking about

Here's a contractor report by NASA talking about lift fan aircraft (XV-5, X-14) and mentions the Grumman Model 755 (FAAV). Apparently Grumman built a simulator but the pilot found transitioning from flight to VTOL too cumbersome. Starts on page 11.

Wind tunnel report with some diagrams and badly scanned wind tunnel models.



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You'd think that modern control systems / automation could lower the pilot work load and make the transition relatively easy to carry out in a lift fan design (even if the transition itself was within a relatively marginal envelope).
Given that FAAV stood for Future Attack Air Vehicle, did Grumman's FAAV design have any provisions for armament?
Nice pics - where are they from?
First was from a random forum but is the same pic as post #2 (but better qual)
The others are from NASA LaRC picture archive I had from a while back but have only just got around to identifying

there is another but I can't remember where I got the file from, but it's a copy of a pic from the same report as the first :


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Great stuff, thank you. This has always been one of my favorite "mystery" Army projects for the Army's "Army After Next" era. I doubt it would have found its way into the Army inventory due to roles and mission concerns from USAF Inc., but it might have been a nice addition for the USMC who patiently wait for the Army to spend money on projects, then pick them up after the initial investment.

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