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28 January 2008
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Hi everybody

I think this is a very unknown project !
Gothaer-Waggon-Fabrik Type P55
Developed as a suicide weapon.
It is a 3000kg bomb with a cockpit, wings and controls.
I am searching for a drawing of this flying bomb !
Maybe someone can help ?

Many greetings and thanks in advance
Here some Gotha projects


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Hi everybody

To Justo : WOW! Great! Thanks a lot for your help !
This bomb have an escape pod !
I did not know that the pilot should have a opportunity to survive !

best regards
Justo Miranda said:
I do not have the project date.
According to my archives, the Gotha P39 is a project of 1942, the Gotha P58 and P60 came before mid-1945. So... the P55 must be in the 1942-45 window, probably 1944. That's enough for me, thanks to have checked anyway. I will update my Forked Ghosts web page, thanks again!
Here is what I included at
with a link towards here:

(Please Justo, could you tell us the source?)
For a drawing, it seems not easy as the connection between the cockpit and the nose is not clear.

Concerning the Gotha "Rammer", I do not understand the profiles, one is matching the front view and view from above (as well as the resin Unicraft model at ) but the other one is surprising with a pod/capsule behind the fuselage: is it an asymmetric layout or else a twin-fuselage layout? Both would interest me tremendously... ;D (I don't think this could be the escape aspect of the same plane, as almost all is different :().
- The information on the P.55 comes from the article "Fieseler Fi 103 Reichenberg" published by "Luftfahrt history Heft 2" via Paul Deweer.

- The P.56 adn P.57 were developed in cooperation with DFS. The information comes from the book "Focke Wulf Fw 190 & Ta152" by Heinz J. Nowarra, Haynes publishing 1988.

- The Rammers comes from Luft 46 via Dan Johnson with plant view hypothetical reconstruction.


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Design of the Gotha (Gothaer Waggon Fabrik) P 55 gliderbomb project
started in the beginning of 1944.

So ,it fit's perfect in the timeframe of your site Tophe.
Justo Miranda said:
A new "bipoutre" for you Tophe?
Hey, this is far bigger than just another twin-boomer: this P55 is the best example, ever, of one rare reason to choose the twin-boom layout - releasing in flight a capsule that will not hurt the tail. Thanks for that too. I am going to update my Web page about the twin-boom principle:
Justo and Lark, I love you (your sources I mean, I will not marry you...);D

also from the Gotha unknown project,the P.46,a twin boom high wing
light transport monoplane,it was powered by one Jumo 200 engine
mounted in the nose,and had a fixed tricycle undercarriage.
I love you too Tophe, but not that much :p
P55: Gotha proposed this project on 17 Apr 44.
To Justo: Is there any data about the P55 , too?
lenght , span etc. ?

Thanks again
Hi to all.
Let me show Antonov's flying bomb. May be it will be intersting for sombody.
More info see in website


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And something from USA :)
hesham said:
...but what was the aircraft in picture 3,which
carry the Rammer ?

General layout, but especially the fin of what obviously is a twin finned tail, seem to
point to a turboprop powered derivative of the Me 262.
But... was that carrier aircraft anything but speculative? Is there any clue as to it being a real project, anyway?
Stargazer2006 said:
Is there any clue as to it being a real project, anyway?

Nope ! And Unicraft has several purely fictional kits, for example "a set vof FOUR German WWII Atom bombs",
probably for detailing the "Haunebu Flugscheibe". But inventing just another quite conventional German project
sems a bit pointless to me, but that's no proof, of course.
Thank you my deras,

and may be it was a fictional design,I mean the carrier aircraft.
The carrier aircraft looks to be a turboprop Me 262 with a relocated cockpit and twin tails.
But considerable bigger, I think.


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Jemiba said:
But considerable bigger, I think.

Not so sure, actually. It looks like a small twin-engine design, while the Me 262 was a large single-seat design. So... ?
Chimaera! Chimaera!


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