gotha go 229 with allison jet engines


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11 January 2010
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I think if the gotha go 229 V3 captured by USAAF was fitted with 2 Allison J35 engines instead of Jumo 004 then the engine would be bigger than the standard jumo 004 engines or it speed could also reduce because allison engine is bigger than jumo ,isn't it ?
Hi Vietcong!
I don't think that speed could reduce. The J35 wasn't so much bigger than Jumo (it had the same length, while diameter was 940 mm against 780 mm), but it was MUCH more powerful. Even its most "low-powerful" versions had about 18 kN thrust - twice more than Jumo 004; another versions reached more than 25 kN thrust without afterburner! So, the speed could rather increase - maybe even significantly. But I think that J35 is too powerful for Ho 229 basic construction. Maybe Westinghouse J34, smaller and lighter than Jumo but delivering 15 kN thrust, could be more suitable.
was the Go 229 Design customizable for Higher trust ?

I mean replace the wood wings by Metall ones and reinforce the Mainframe and it's metal plating

or was the design limited to 18 kN (2xJumo-004 or 2XBMW-003) ?
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