how fast will go a Me 262 with engine that have more thrust ?

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13 August 2007
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How fast will go a Me 262 HG II (35° Wings) with Engine with more trust ?
the Original each Jumo 004 engine had 8,7 kN thrust

like replace the Jumo 004 by J47-GE-1 each with 21.6 kN thrust
will this Me 262 fly faster or just be torn in pieces ?
You should ask the guys who rebuilt Me-262s and put J-85/CJ-610s with 2,859 lbs thrust each in them! ;D

Seriously, the wartime Me-262 had a critical Mach number of .83-.84 IIRC (test flight by Eric Brown). Regardless of thrust, you would not be able to push them any faster while maintaining control. If you put some more sweep in the wings, you might delay critical mach a little bit, but other parts of the airframe might go critical. Hard to say.
thanks for the tip about the guys who rebuilt Me-262s !

Main link
information on Replica engine
in short
The General Electric J-85/CJ-610 is thrust reduce around 300 lbs for Airframe of Me 262
the Takeoff distances is significantly shortened
and time-to-climb rates also improved.
with max speed of 615 miles per hour (that's around 990 km per hour)
also the J-85 is obviously some 40% more fuel efficient.

The fact remains that the airframe was never designed to handle the stress loads encountered at speeds in the 600 mile per hour range. (that's 965,6 km per hour)
To push the aircraft into this environment simply because additional power "happens to be available" is a highly dangerous and ill-advised move.
and so
In the interest of safety, the Me 262 Project will be placing a placarded airspeed limitation upon the jets in the vicinity of 500 MPH. (that's 805 km per hour)
The official position of the project is that there is simply no need -- or benefit -- in flying these aircraft any faster.

So a Me-262 HGII needs stronger Airframe

by the way they offer there Me 262 for USD 2,000,000.00 or €1.469.508,0 Euros
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