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25 December 2020
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Recently I got a hold of Weird Wings of WW1 and in it there's mentions of German copies of the Le Prieur rocket system being tested at Doberitz, I tried looking more into this but I couldn't find anything.

Anyone has any more input?

Pictures of the system being mounted on Halberstadt fighters.


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Hi, it seems that the photographs were taken at Doberitz, during evaluation in October 1916. There were problems with the ignition system so the system was not accepted for operational service.
Ther was a previous attempt by German aviator (and future rocket scientist) Rudolph Nebel in the first half of 1916; he mounted signal rocket in four tubular launchers on its Halberstadt D.II, achieving (as he recollected) a couple of victories against allied aircraft.
You can find other info here:

Wikipedia Halberstadt_D.II

I know it's Wikipedia, but the source is the reliable Peter Grosz's Windsock book "Halberstadt Fighters - Classics of World War I Aviation, Volume 1", 1996. I do not have that book; maybe someone else can post here a screenshot of the page(s) used for thise reference.

EDIT: It seems Grosz collected the info from the 1972 Nebel autobiography "Die Narren von Tegel. Ein Pionier der Raumfahrt erzählt". I do not have this book either
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