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  1. Blitzer9856

    R-13M1 & R-14 Atoll air-to-air missiles

    This is an obscure missile.. I am wondering, does anybody have information on its maximum body G load and tracking rate in degrees per second? This is what I personally know (quoting myself from sources I have): What I don't know though, and what I would really appreciate is if someone has...
  2. G

    Kongsberg Penguin - origins & derivatives

    Information remain rather scarce about the origins of the Penguin missile, adopted by US Navy as AGM-119. It was developped by Kongsberg and FFI, but little known about the early concepts. The same is true about its derivatives. Jane's mentions a coastal launcher prototype.
  3. V

    RIM-101 ship-based tube-launched missile

    Does anyone have drawings or specs for the little known RIM-101 ship-launched missile? Andreas Parsch has info about the RIM-101 missile (http://designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-101.html), and you'll note that the RIM-101 was previously confused with the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow and AIM-101 designation...
  4. V

    Little known US Army missile projects of early 1950s

    Is there any record of little-known US Army missile projects from the early 1950s? Considering that the RV-A-22 designation was allocated to Lark missiles used by the Army sometime between 1951 and 1953, and that the missing US Army missile designation numbers 20 and 21 must have been allocated...