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on 26 may 1965 McDonnell Proposal to NASA
Report B766 : the Gemini Advanced Missions

-Rendezvous with an Unmanned Satellite
A Gemini Spacecraft Rendezvous "noncoopertive" Target the Pegasus Satellite, (launch with Saturn I rocket)

one: a slow catch-up Orbit
two: Doppel Rendezvous first with Agena, then with Pegasus.

the Gemini orbit the Peagaus making picture of it then a EVA for Close-up foto of the meteoroid puncture panels and recover one of it.

-One-Man Gemini-Earth Surface Mapping
Low latitude earth surface photography with one Man for 7 day mission
the "right hand" Seat is replace by A unpressurized camera system the Crew comparment is Sealed from camera.
(is this a "surviror" from Blue Gemini DoD Mission ?)

-One-Man Gemini with Astronomical Telescope for year 1968
one: l6-inch diameter telescope located in the right-hand crewman's seat
tow: 26-inch diameter telescope mounted in the adapter with access to the telescope through a hatch in the heat shield. (MOL bevor MOL ;-)
launcht in 370,4 km high orbit for a 7 Day mission.

-Artificial Gravity Experiment
one: rotation of the Gemini directly connected to the burned-out Stage II of the Titan II
Two: rotation of the docked Gemini-Agena vehicle
three: rotation of a cable-connected Gemini and either Stage II of the Titan II or the Agena
(last one was made on Final Gemini Mission 11 & 12)

-Simulation of LEM Rendezvous
McDonnell concidert LEM test in Low Orbit as Dangerus because no Heat shield on LEM and propose a Mission with Gemini spacecraft with LEM equipment (LEM test was made with Apollo 9)

-Structural Assembly in Orbit
Man's usefulness can be demonstrated by an experiment involving the structural assembly in orbit of a 40' (12 meter) diameter parabolic antenna,
and the disassembly and recovery of a 100-lb. OAMS Thrust Chamber Assembly (TCA) with EVA.
The antenna is folded and stowed on the nose of the Gemini for launch.

Some structural modification to tbe Gemini nose to accommodate the increased launch loads is required.
The surface of the antenna disk is an aluminum coated polyethylene mesh, irradiated, and formed in parabolic segments.

Voids in the surface allow for passage of the crewman and afford clearer visibility for manual pointing. After erection, the antenna can be used for a variety of communication

-Propellant Transfer Tasks
In-orbit transfer of storable propellants between tanks which do not utilize positive expulsion bladders can be accomplished with a minimally modified Gemini and Agena

-Long Duration Mission
The in-orbit configuration of the long duration (30-45 days) mission
orbital spacecraft involves the addition of a "Mission Section" to the Agena and a combination "access tunnel/living quarters" segment which is used for transfer from the Gemini to the mission section.

The mission section contains the food, water, personal gear, and emergency oxygen supplies.
The section is 60 inches in diameter and 165 inches long.
The access tunnel provides direct access to the mission section.
It is inflatable and is erected by one man outside the spacecraft.
The tunnel is composed of multi layers of dacron, polyurethane, and vinyl foam.
The tunnel volume appears to be adequate for crew activities to be performed.
The major modification to the Gemini consists of redesign to include another smaller hatch within the present right hand hatch.

is this program is also know as Extended mission Gemini

-Land Landing
After the fiasco of NAA Paraglider, McDonnell propose there self two Land landing system

1. landing Rocket Suspended from Parasail Risers
Rendezvous radar is omitted, or relocated, and the parasail cannister changed to allow for installation of the landing rocket in the rendezvous and recovery (RSR) section.

More Info here
WARINIG 498MB Big pdf

3. Other systems
Impact Bags like Mercury but Advance 2 Bags one impact bag between the large pressure bulkhead and heat shield. the second one a toroidal impact bag around the recovery section, was investigated for application to Gemini.

13.4 Mbyte big


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Dan, it's one of the my favorite for the last decade) Cool Spiral stuff - where did you find these first stage crew communications in Russian?:) I have several movies with Spiral animations based on declassified Spiral drawings that Vadim Lukashevich team did
I like DeepCool page ;D

however on his Gemini Blue part:
an armed OSP (Orbital Supply Platform)

Idea instead a Agena a Blue Gemini dock at Weapon Platform.
I don't found any Plans or paper of McDonnell for this OSP system

there Idea was was a Blue Gemini on top of a stretched Martin Titan IIIC transstage.
the Gemini Service Module has Doors with Radar Targetssystem and Weapons

Most of Blue Gemini Mission was like the One-Man Gemini-Earth Surface Mapping

a Picture in Scott APR (forgot the Number :( )


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