Friendship Festival 2009/8/22.23 in Yokota Air Base Japan


Don't laugh, don't cry, don't even curse, but.....
31 May 2007
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We saw Raptor today in Yokota Air base near Tokyo!!


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Next picures.


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Hi C-17!


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C-17 cockpit.


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Giant C-5!


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C-5 undercarriage compartment.


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Walk around F-22!!
We had very exciting time.


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Please enjoy the detail of stealth super cruiser!


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Great pics! Is the speckle on zoomed-in pictures due to a weight-reducing process on your part, or did you take them with a cell phone?
Hi! I took these pictures using Nikon COOLPIX P80.
Each picture size is 1.5MB, too large. Sorry.
Hi A-10 ThunderboltⅡ.


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The better solution to large filesize would be to scale the images down to a lower resolution - 1600x1200 would be about 1/4th the size, without needing to go to very high compression ratios.
Many thanks owner! I will try.

I asked to Raptor driver "Do you plan demonstration flight today?"
He answered "Sorry we don't."
"I want to see flight of Raptor."
"Please come on Monday."
"Go back to Okinawa on Monday?"
Unfortunately I was busy on Monday, and lost the chance to take flight pictures.
Hi Blackkite,

Thanks for the pics! I was there too, on Saturday. Great to see the cockpit shot. When I checked out the inside of the C-17, the wouldn't allow people in to the cockpit anymore. The lines were incredibly long to see those cockpits all day long! Maybe next year, then. Would have been great to see the planes in the air, but couldn't attend on Sunday or Monday.

Took some pictures, too. If anyone is interested, please feel free to browse through!

Yokota Festival 2009

My other airshow stuff: Airshow galleries
Thank you so much for the pics! The Raptor looks much bigger than I realized from the official photographs...
Hi eskaihla!
I missed U-2!!!
I was in C-17 at that time. It's great mistake for me. I could not hear U-2's engine noise.
C-17 has fighter type control rod instead of airline type control rod. It has HUD!
Your pictures are really super. Thank you very much.
Thanks guys, glad you like them!

The F-22A is actually only slightly smaller than F-15, I had to go and check the dimensions once I got home. My first impression was that it looked a lot smaller than it is. That's probably because it sits lower on the ground than the F-15 because of the shorter landing gear. I suppose there's no need to fit it with an external fuel tank under the belly! Another thing that caught my eye was how smooth all the surfaces on the plane are. Usually you have some vents, grilles or protrusions of some sort, but nothing like that on the Raptor. Very smooth and featureless, looks a bit like a low-detail toy!

These two "mug-shots" are taken from knee-height, although the F-15 was a bit closer. It still shows the difference in the height of the two planes quite well.


Yes! You are very sharp eyed.
Skin condition is very special one.
And canopy!! It's color is very impressive for me.
I feel it's very difficult to realize stealth aircraft.
Hi! Another picture of C-17 cockpit.


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