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27 December 2005
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Tony Buttler, Secret Projects: American Fighters since 1945. Release: Mid 2007.
Yefim Gordon Famous Russian Aircraft: Mikoyan MiG-29 (512 pages) June 30th 2006

Jury is out on whether Gordon's latest book will add anything new...
Bill Rose & Tony Buttler Secret Projects: Flying Saucer Aircraft October 2006
P. Butler, Tony Buttler Aerofax: Gloster Meteor July 28 2006
Hi folks,

Another book(s) out soon will be the four-volume work "Australian-Built Aircraft,and the Industry" by Keith Meggs (former RAAF Fighter pilot). More info here. It is described as an encyclopedic, four-volume work on every aircraft type proposed, designed or manufactured in Australia from 1884 to the mid-1980s! Though there have been some delays with getting it published, I am reliably informed that it should be available soon thanks to the Australian Government providing funding for it publishing.


P. Butler, Tony Buttler Aerofax: Gloster Meteor July 28 2006

I was thinking to order a copy because I want to learn more about Meteor's early development and operational deployment. Is this the right book for me?
Yes, it quite worth the money! Also I can recommend Tim Kershaw's 'Jet Pioneers: Gloster And The Birth Of The Jet Age' from Jet Age Museum/Setton Publishing

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