Avro Vulcan: Britain's Supreme Cold War Warrior (Phil Butler & Tony Buttler)

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27 December 2005
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Avro Vulcan: Britain's Supreme Cold War Warrior
Author: Phil Butler,Tony Buttler
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781857802566
Published: 28 June 2007
Publisher: Midland Publishing
Series: Aerofax

From Tony Buttler

Phil Butler and I have written a book on the Vulcan to be published in the Aerofax series. In fact, because of the forthcoming 25th Anniversary of the Falklands conflict, it is planned to come out in the summer. This is one reason why American Secret Projects has been pushed back. For the modellers among you, the book has drawings of a T-tail version of the Vulcan (just a study, not a proposal, but it looks superb), the 718 transport and 722 Atlantic, and the supersonic 732 bomber. It was very enjoyable putting the book together and an a lot of folk helped out, not least Avro Heritage.
Right in time - two weeks before for the desireable RIAT display ;) !
I imagine its due to the strength of the pound. I find US books horrendously expensive, especially Schiffer books. In contrast £19.99 for an good length Aerofax, or £24.99 for Secret Projects books, seems pretty cheap.
Aerofax Vulcan - Phil Butler & Tony Buttler

According to Tony Buttler, this is out now. Its an excellent account of an interesting aircraft in typical Aerofax style, with a number of interesting project drawings for the secret projects fanatic. Definitely worth checking out!
Reading this Aerofax for the second time ,its indeed a good account
on the Vulcan with new info and illustrations of a few unseen projected variants.
Now it's waiting for a Victor Aerofax to complete the 'V' BomberTriad.
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