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For Italian-reading bloggers


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Sep 9, 2008
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Hi boys,
I never thought in the past to that possibility,but now I think that some of our Italian-reading bloggers could be interested in knowing the more unusual features on my magazines ('my' in the sense that I am a main contributor, but not the publisher!).
The latest issue of 'Aerei nella Storia' (# 78, June-July, unfortunately circulating only in Italy), contains, among other stories, a feature on the Republic P-43 Lancer;
a 'divertissement' debunking some misinterpretation of German WW II Wunderwaffe, as the never-existed (al least in my opinion) Project T manned rocket and Thor surface-to-surface missile;
a feature on the Liberator captured by Axis forces (Germany, Italy, Croatia and Romania)
An article about 'optical stealth' B-24D Liberator (I posted some pictures of it some time ago)
A feature about the death of Joseph Kennedy on a BQ-8
and a research on the US and Italian pilotless bombers (unfortunately all those B-24s lead to some wrong captions).
I think if someone is interested in this issue could ask West-Ward Edizioni sas
emailing the following URL: deltaed@iol.it


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