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Sep 9, 2008
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Hi friends,
December issues of my magazines are 'Aerei nella Storia' n.81 and the Special 'Aerorazzi tedeschi' (German rocket-powered aircraft).
'Aerei nella Storia' with this issue is mainly devoted to events and person rather than aircraft. Nothwithstanding there is a feature (by myself) about Fairey Fulmar, an aircraft not frequently described in Italy. There is also a page about the Argus As 292 drone and another page devoted to the evolution of the Lippisch DM 1 in the Convair XP-92A. Others technical features are one devoted to pilotless Firefly (by my son Alberto) and the Motobomba FFF, an original Italian circling torpedo largely used by luftwaffe.
Aerorazzi tedeschi was the result of an idea of my friend Giorgio Tanzi, leading Italian expert on German aviation. The text was ready several years ago and was a bit more comprehensive but incurred in some troubles at the publishers, mainly for the picture (some were lost and other were chosed by the publishers) but, overall, I think could be worth of interest

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