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Sep 9, 2008
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Hi friends,
always late, bu it's becaming even more difficult to stay apace with the time...
In this April I have two publications: a 'special' (Le Aquile dell'Impero, literally "The Eagles of the Empire") devoted to all the Regia Aeronautica's operations in South-eastern Africa since 1934, and the usual issue of "Aerei nella Storia" (# 83, April-May). In the latter, the contents that, in my opinion, are more interesting are:
Kurfurst, Konrad or Karl, she was the Bf 109K (a feature about an often neglected version of the 'Me')
The 1941 Yugoslavia campaign (from the Italian point of view, with some less known photographs of Italian and Yugoslavian aircraft)
Daimler-Benz turbine engines 1940/1945 (a very interesting feature of my friend Giorgio Tanzi about some lesser known German engines)
No Highway in the Sky and Battle Hymn (review of two old movies for the column 'Cinema')
and more...
Hoping something could be of interest for you

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