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11 March 2006
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In Alexander Lüdekes book "Tiltrotorflugzeuge" I've found two artist impressions made
by Kyle Scoo of the Focke Achgelis Fa 269 VTOL design. From the artist I got the information,
that the differences to the usually shown drawings aren't based on actual sources, but have
to be regarded as "plausible guesses". Nevertheless, to my opinion this aircraft looks
much more "fighterlike", than with the heavily framed canopy. Something for What-If fans . ;)


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Re: Focke Achgelis 269, hypothetical service version

Unpopular among ground personnel, who dubbed it "Kugelzerhacker."
Re: Focke Achgelis 269, hypothetical service version

literally "ball mincer", germans would put in a word for a part of the body,I think. ::)
Nevertheless it's correct, that the Fa.269 would have been more dangerous for ground
personal, than most other aircraft. Will look up, if I can find something about the Do 29.
Focke-Achgelis Fa 269 was a convertible helicopter, concept begun early 1938. A wooden mock-up was built and destroyed in WW II Fa 269


  • Power:two Daimler-Benz DB 601 or 605 engine mounted on the wings. Later a single air-cooled BMW 132 K twin-radial engine with about 1000 hp (745 kW) coupled/linked with a central reduction gearbox was planned; it would have occupied most of the center of the fuselage.
  • Design Speed: 0-600 km/h
  • Wing Span: 10 m (32.8 ft)
  • Length: 8.90 m (29.2 ft)
  • Propeller: Two three-blade propellers with diameters of 4 m (13.1 ft)

The V/STOL Encyclopedia Series: Volume 1 Germany 16 July 2001


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Have you seen a model of this, built by forum member slava_trudu (my good friend and compatriot :) )?,10035.html

And one reply from me: I don't understand the term "convertible helicopter", and I think that it's ridiculous - to define this a/c (as well as V-22 or any other convertiplane / tiltrotor) as "helicopter". "A helicopter is a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by one or more engine driven rotors" (Wikipedia). These aircraft don't have ANY rotors during cruise flight (they become propellers) and the lift is produced by their wings, like it happens with all conventional fixed-wing airplanes... How can they be helicopters? ???

And XFY-1 Pogo takes off like helicopter too, but anybody never called it so ;) .
Achgelis explore this concept in Brazil:

Unhappily in Portuguese...


I haven't posted in a while so I'll upload a slightly better image than the one previous.


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Two more pics:


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From, Third Reich Secret Air Force Materiel,

what was this ?.


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