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here is a Russian roadable aircraft,called Strizh ?.


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The type shown in #325 from richards link is the SkyCruiser and on that page its is already
said, that "Bevor SkyCruiser jedoch Realität wird, dauert es noch ein bisschen.." (before
SkyCruiser will become reality, it'll take quite a while). The company will try to get money
via crowd funding and has already flown a drone, probably meant as a proof-of-concept
demonstrator. But I have severe doubts, if the concept really can be simply scaled up,
resulting in the end in a vehicle with such filigree stowable outriggers and wings !
pometablava said:

And more recent news:

AeroMobil may have its work cut out for it if it's going to deliver a practical flying car within two years. Unfortunately, inventor Stefan Klein crashed a prototype in Slovakia this weekend after it entered an unrecoverable tailspin during a test flight. While the pilot thankfully managed to activate his vehicle's parachute in time and avoid any serious injuries, the machine wasn't so lucky -- as you can see above, it wasn't about to drive away. The company is optimistic about the accident in a statement, arguing that it's a "natural part" of testing that will help refine the design. It'll no doubt be a learning experience, but something tells us that the official roadmap doesn't include wrecking an aircraft. This is going to be a setback, even if it's relatively minor.


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On a topic related note:

Grey Havoc said:
From the aforementioned 'missing' thread:

Flyaway said:
Make of this article what you will.

However, he has now decided that it would be better to focus on putting EmDrive on to unmanned aerial vehicles, with the view to eventually use the technology in the automobile industry to create feasible flying cars.

"Our aim at the moment is not to necessarily go for these space applications, because they will take so long to come to fruition. So what we've decided as a company is to forget space, and to go for terrestrial transport business, which is huge," Shawyer told IBTimes UK.

"The logic is, if you can lift a vehicle reasonably gently with no large accelerations, then you can manufacture the air frame using much lower technology than would be used on an aircraft."

Shawyer says his firm, Satellite Propulsion Research Ltd, is currently designing a drone that has no propellers or wings, and it plans to carry out the first test flights powered by EmDrive microwave space propulsion in 2017.

as I think it is Aeromobil,am I right ?.


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Skyblazer said:
Recently came across what may very well be the earliest ever project for a roadable aircraft (1911):

Well, apart from Gustave Whitehead some ten years earlier, and possibly a few others in between.

here is an atomic flying car,designed by a Radebaugh.


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hesham said:

here is an atomic flying car,designed by a Radebaugh.

Lovely. And amphibious to boot.

The version in the linked article gives the driver/pilot his own plastic bubble - no annoying wife or kids to distract from his masculine command of all he surveys. I am amazed he is not smoking a pipe.

Judging by the fact he's wearing a uniform, I think he's the chauffeur...

Regarding Reply #318, my buddy Marty Coleman (Skeets Coleman's son) recently shared these photos of a model of the Triphibian Aeromarine built by his dad during the 1950s, which is still in the family. Although a different color, it seems rather similar to the one in the magazine photos:


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Aerocar Sales Brochure


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Greetings All -

New video of the Terrafugia TF-X:

FAA has granted approval for test flights.

Enjoy the Day! Mark
Mark Nankivil said:
FAA has granted approval for test flights.

Test flights of a small-scale UAV, that is - what in my day we called a radio-controlled model. "Yes, Sir, we'll let you fly a model to see if the bizarre thing works, but don't do anything silly like flying it near anybody."

here is a Volante flying car.


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here is a Nicholson flying car Project.


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Bölkow Aerocar Projects

In the late 1950's early 1960's Bölkow considered two projects for a flying car.

The first aeroplane from 1959 (image below in wind tunnel model form) with a shrouded airscrew and a collapsible wing designed by Erich Ufer.

In 1963 another project of a car, again from Erich Ufer was submitted (see sketch below). This later design was a twin boom affair and had a pusher propeller.

In both cases Ludwig Bölkow and the firm were not enthusiastic about pursuing either the projects.

Undeterred, in 1970 Ufer filed a patent for a "Drive engine having shrouded propeller with a variable outlet cross section" while with MBB. He also worked on the Bo.205 (LFU).


Die Deutsche Luftfahrt: Ludwig Bölkow Und Sein Werk - Ottobrunner Innovationen
by Kyrill Gersdorff published by Bernard & Graefe (ISBN: 3763752927)


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I heard about this Project before,thank you for sharing my dear Cy-27.
A hypothetical flying car,page 33;


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here is a strange design by Mr. Studebaker,maybe a flying car or a flying jeep,honestly
I don't know,page 53;


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hesham said:
my dear Robunos displayed before the Bryan II roadable aircraft,and may be that's
the variant III.

And maybe this was a Bryan Variant I.


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Nice find my dear Grey.


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To give Moller his due, he understands the challenges and has been pushing as hard as funds permit (sometimes even funds that weren't his to push, but that is another story!) to develop the enabling technologies.
He invented and patented a high power-to-weight engine, the rotapower, and spun off a separate company to make and sell it:
He has been developing the necessary digital flight systems and software for longer than anybody else, and as far as I know is the only one to have actually flown such a system.
He has been engaging with the FAA over the navigational infrastructure, the "roads of the air", needed for volume sales to numpty flyers.
If you were so far ahead of the competition, would you give up?

But I am less impressed by his aerodynamic design skills. He started out with a tendency to take theoretical figures out of context, designing a machine with impossible wing loadings and predicting unrealistic performance figures. He has had to follow a slow and painful road to enlightenment and, even with the advanced materials and manufacturing that have been coming along, I suspect that his current designs may still be falling short of the mark.

Progress is dependent on funds, so of necessity much of Moller's company is as much a marketing organization that happens to find flying cars in its product portfolio as it is an aerospace company. It's a shame that one of those dot com egos isn't humble enough to partner an established and advanced venture rather than striking out on its own arrogant bid for the Heavens.
I wonder if some friend of the topic has additional information about designing flying car of Mr. George Spratt's known com "Turntable Wing", here I leave the link to a website where reference design and there is a short video that appears in the first 20 seconds on the same flight. there are other more recent projects with the same surname Spratt's known as Model 105 and Model 107 and left a poor image taken from the link on the "Turntable Wing"


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My upcoming site has the most detailed list known of Spratt designs and prototypes. If you can be patient, it will be online soon... ;-)
Thank you Stargazer2006, patiently wait you to know more about those Spratt works
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Greetings. For many years I'm looking at newspaper archives and now on the web more about this project failed Australian flying car, the Pegasus Aerocar with wings that moved for use as a car or plane, he had a large fan behind the cab and careened wheels, I would like if someone here has more the share, the little that I have not locate a copy of a magazine 1994/95 International Air lel unfortunately only page number appears, here is the image share next to the note published there. Motocar


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Seen in the one of the halls at this years Farnborough Show was this Skyrunner flying car, marketed by Parajet International Ltd. The large propeller can be seen at the rear. According to the reps, it can be transformed from all-terrain vehicle to light-sports aircraft in a matter of minutes. It has a short take-off and landing capability using fields, grass strips and secluded beaches. It uses the latest in ram-air parafoil wing technology (wing not shown in photo).

Skyrunner website:


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My dear Vladimir displayed them before,

but they are belonged to here,it's two roadable flying car Projects,designed by Bill &
William Chana for Convair.,4480.msg287170.html#msg287170


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here is a flying car concept,design by Ercolani as I translate ?.'Ala%201949%2003.pdf


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