Flying boat hull design?

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26 August 2007
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Anybody know of any resources for designing flying boat hulls and principles used therein?

Just some book titles would be good enough.

And yes I already Googled :p
You might also want to take a look at this book which you can see from time to time listed on abebooks or bookfinder,

Marine Aircraft Design, William Munro, Sir Issac Pitman & Sons 1933

A bit dated but that was a major period for flying boat design and construction. It is also worth tracking down the hull test and other technical evaluation reports (from the National Air & Space Museum archives) for the H8K2 Emily flying boat which has been quoted by many to have excellent hydrodynamic qualities.
amsci99 said:
A bit dated but that was a major period for flying boat design and construction.

No problem, that's actually the specific era I was looking for so it works out perfectly.
I cant cite specific links - but in general there is a mass of information available via searches of NACA reports.

To get you started a recent link was to "NASA TN D-529"
and a direct link is via
to the reports server

by looking up in turn the references cited at the end of this report (and others) you will uncover a reasonable supply of very interesting reports, either via the report server search function or directly via Google citing the report reference number.

This should keep you happy for days!



ps - theres a lot of copies buried on a Cranfield server too, but I cant find the link that gets you into the index - perhaps somebody else has it to hand - certainly covers the period 1930-1960 fairly well.

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