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Flak 88

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Oct 9, 2009
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From the comments section of the first video:
Ancient Yuletide Carol
A fascinating statistic that has stuck with me over the years is it took about $180,000 worth of flak ammunition to shoot down a B-17, which in comparison, cost $250,000 to make.

From the comments section of the second video:
Regarding to the setup of a heavy Flak-Batterie in a ground combat role, I might add that the battery, if deployed near the frontline, would not be positioned in the shown square setup, but instead in a diamond-shaped setup (Raute). This would allow at least three guns to engage in ground combat, the rearmost gun of the Raute would still be connected to the Kommandogerät for AA purpose only. This setup was developed by the Flak-Abteilung of Legion Condor in the Spanish Civil War, where the 8,8 batteries, in the later part of the war, were mostlty been used in a ground combat role (as artillery, not so much against tanks). (H.A.Koch, Flak - Die Geschichte der deutschen Flakartillerie, 2.Auflage, 1965).