Fire in the Sky: Triumph and Tragedy in America's Missile Program


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24 January 2006
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Not as overwhelming as it sounds, but still very amusing. This is basically a picture book, landscape format, 128 pages, showing missile launches, impacts, and failures. All kinds of fun stuff from the late '40s up until the late '90s. The most interesting thing I found (and, ok, the reason I bought the book in the first place) is a two-page spread showing a hardened MX canister being raised through the concrete and dirt covering. There are a good number of "sections" like that where they show a number of images taken in sequence, usually a missile closing on a target and hitting it, or launching and then prematurely detonating. I found the book for $6.95 at Barnes & Noble in the bargain books section. At that price, if you can find one, there are certainly a lot of interesting images, including a lot of forgotten or "less known" systems.

Plus, pictures of explody missiles are just cool ;D
I'm pretty sure the sequence you mention is in one of the video segments I mentioned in the MX basing thread ;-)
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