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5 September 2007
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A new book: Las Alas de Peron II by Ricardo Burzaco has just been published in Argentina.


The book is better than the anterior version with a better edition, more pictures and more info. It's shows the unbuilt proyects and prototypes between the years 1945 and 1960. Mainly projects by Kurt Tank and Reimar Horten.

Maybe the only important thing missing is 3d views of the aircraft.

The book is in Spanish. I understand an English version is being prepared. If I can got more info about this version I'm going to put it here.


in Spanish it's Ok for me ;)

could you post a link where we could address to purchase that book?


I did some search in the Net and it seems the book is only available in Argentina...
Antonio I'm going to ask a couple of sites if they can sell and send the book to you.

If I've any news I'm going to tell you.

thank you a lot ;Dfor those amazing 3 views .Some are already known ,but I am unable to name a lot of them .Is there a summary to these 3 views ?

By the way , I read somewhere that the Huanquero was designed by the Tank's team .Here we can see a bigger,four engined Huanquero: Very interesting !
Such as this argentine's " Ta 183 " design and "Mig 15/17 " !
Some flying wings are Horten designs ,but is the four seats design an Horten one too ?
Richard, to answer your questions, it would be helpful to have the book. I've discovered a copy at abebooks, but it was too expensive. Theponja & Dronte, are you here? Can you help us with a detailed comment on the mentioned types?
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