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25 May 2006
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Put some stealthy conformal stores underwing (HAVE DASH, etc) and you're in business ;-)

V/STOL Projects Book download: http://www.dataviewbooks.com
It does look quite attractive. I'm sorely tempted to print that one up and post it in my cubicle at work. ;)

In real life, I seriously doubt such would happen considering the amount of re-design it would require. Even with the good 3-D database we have, integrating an all-new wing like that would be problematical, esp. when the interfaces would cross so many module breaks for modules from our main team members.
Here is my version of the F-35 with a bigger wing. Enjoy!

The span was designed around the ATF criteria (NATO shelters). The Wing sweep was made so it meets the nose angle cone at the maximum possible wingspan. The trailing edge was angled according to platform alignment LO requirements. And finally the Flap and Ailerons sizes were decreased to provised for better control in the absence of the horizontal tail. Note the wing flap is technically a modified horizontal tail and it uses the same driving mechanism,

Notable is also the absence of the vertical tails for reduced drag and RCS. Yaw, and additional pitch control is provised by Asymmetric fluidic trust vectoring. A new concept is in testing at NASA. Here the link:

This F-35 version could be produced after 2015 and take advantage of the benefits from the VAATE program or an F136 engine. All these modifications could enable the F-35 to have a limited supercruise in the order of Mac 1.4, which is the initial ATF requirement.

The allready produced F-35As could be converted to the "E" model as a mud life update.

Fuel figures a only based on wing area increase. Such fighter could have more than double the range of F-35A and a much bigger external load at the expense of some of the maneuvering requirements

I have included the F-35A for comparison. the F-35E was made with Photoshop and CorelDRAW, using the "A" model pic.



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So it seems at least that the F-35 found its marks into the whatiffer world. Good job!! FB-35A sounds cool no ? or F-35F ? (the -E beeing Mr Latinian variant ?)
FB-35? Sounds like it could be built fairly easily by combining the CV wings & tails with the land-based structure. Then again, there would need to be a certain amount of structural stiffening and beefier landing gear to support the increased gross weight. Could probably be achieved by milling less material off certain structural members, or substituting stronger alloys.

I think the Aussies evaluated this option for an F/A-18 replacement. Their recent Super Hornet buy would seemingly put F-35 on the backburner.

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