1985 Northrop Scout-Attack X-Wing


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25 May 2006
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Don't know if this might've been a "black" competitor for the LHX program, 'bout the right timeframe...


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Very interesting... it has certain superficial resemblance to the McDonnell Douglas LHX "fighter” design. I am surprised to find other firms, besides Sikorsky had an “X” wing conceptual efforts. Being somewhat familiar with most of the LHX efforts, I have not seen this before. Of course being somewhat familiar does not make me an expert.
I've seen that design before, but it was only listed as the Northrop submission for the LHX. This is the first I've heard it claimed it was to use a stopped rotor as well. Do you have any reference for the stopped rotor claim?
Who still has a picture for it ?,it is gone from the topic.
We can hope that Tony's book will include this one.

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