Boeing Model 1041-133 "Type A" V/STOL


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24 November 2008
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Hello everybody!

I always found the various proposals for the USN "Type" A V/STOL competition fascinating and the Boeing Model 1041-133 in particular. In my opinion the Model 1041-133 with its mechanical driven lift- and cruise fans and variable pitch control system was (and still is) the most feasible concept for this kind of V/STOL application.

Anyways, I spend the last weeks with modelling the 1041-133-1, the Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) version. The 3D-model is primary based on the inboard profile and dimensions found in NASA-report CR137750 "Design Definition Study of a lift-cruise fan technology vstol airplane" posted in the designated thread of this forum. Have a look here for more info:,9577.0.html

Although I had no cross sections available I think the result is pretty accurate and gives a good impression of how a operational airplane would have looked like.

Some drawings and artwork of Type A V/STOL concepts and the one from Boeing that inspired me are attached to this post. Pictures of my model will follow after this post!

Enjoy! Rgds Michael


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Here we go...


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