F-16 signature reduction - Have Glass program

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27 December 2005
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Have Glass covered RAM treatment of the inlet duct and on other elements of the airframe, addition of a metalized (gold) canopy and foam behind the radar antenna.

Have Glass consisted of

Pacer Mud radar signature reduction; included creation of FMS-3049 RAM.

Pacer Gem infrared signature reduction; created FMS-2026 top coat paint.

The RAM covered about 60% of the F-16's structure in 10-12mil thickness adding 100kg to aircraft weight.
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According to comentaries by F-16 manteinance officers and NCOs at www.f.16.net's forums, the "Golden Canopy"'s RA treatment was a pretty pain in manteinance and dificult to reaply. I will give the link for the exact quote once I found it again.
very nice description at Netrherlads' Wiki
I suspect that, by then, everyone in the world knew how to do that level of RCS reduction, and the US knew that everyone knew. The sophistication was not much higher than the sort of thing done in the commercial world to squelch multipath reflections &c.

Somewhere I have a sheet of mylar coated with ITO that I picked up at a trade show in the 1980s.

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