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15 February 2006
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I'm a glutton for punishment. Petitions for my arrest will not be honored.


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At the second picture it looks marvellous. New wing combined with not so dominant/visible air intakes (as they are at the first picture and also in real life) make an effect of a very progressive stealthy design.
Great models, elider, and welcome on board! :)

I see just one small mistake with this F-15U model. The fuel receptacle sticker should be placed on the backboard wing root rather as on the intake.
What's the history on the F-15U proposal? I've seen drawings of an F-15 with butterfly tail; is this related?

Tailhook magazine reported several years ago that the Air Force had tested a stealthy F-15 that posed so much of a threat to the F-22 that it was literally buried in the desert. I take the report with a healthy grain of salt, as the Tailhook Society would be too eager to latch onto any rumor that made blue-suiters look bad.
Hi guys,
There is a F-15 Silent Eagle that has been built by Boeing-McDonnald Douglas which is the spitting image of your model. The Silent Eagle is to entice current users away from the F-22, Eurofighter Typhoon and Super Hornet options as a follow-on aircraft using the latest stealth, composite and carbon fibre materials.
I hope this helps.

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