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21 December 2006
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For those interested, there is an online petition on the 10 Downing Street website asking for the Red Arrows to be funded into the future - by all accounts current plans are to to scrap them around 2011 when the fatigue life of their Hawks runs out.

The petition is at:


Signatories need to add a few personal details (name, address, e-mail), and then reply to an e-mail 'Number 10' will send to them in order to 'sign'.

Currently less than 50,000 have signed - many fewer than signed the famous road pricing petition on the site, so tell any non-forum folk that you think might be interested.
Well, I am not a British taxpayer, but the consumer of the Red Arrows brilliant show and want to support the good idea. Our government scrapped aerobatic team "Biele Albatrosy" some years ago, so I know how bad this decision is.
Re: 'Save' the Red Arrows - Job done

Tony Blair seems to have listened. See:


Well done all those who signed.

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