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6 January 2013
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Does anyone have a good rundown for G-numbers associated with all versions of the F-14? The only thing I have is 303E for the F-14A.
XB-70 Guy, you're too impatient! I've gotten you used to speedy answers, and now you can't wait! Some topics here find their answers months after the initial message was posted, so please give it some more time...
You know how to search, don't you? (Y'know, it sounded better when Lauren Bacall said almost the same line... ;) )

Go up to search and enter VFAX. A lot of excellent work has already been done by board members, just waiting for you to research it.
With 26 published books and hundreds of articles - yes, I do know how to research. I'm just new to Secret Projects and, frankly, I didn't think of VFAX.
aim9xray - not VFAX but VFX.

Here is something, trying to remember the source...


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Matej said:
aim9xray - not VFAX but VFX.
My apologies to all; I did mean to say VFX. Guess I did not take my anti-grumpy pill this morning!

To our esteemed (or steamed) author - yes, I have many of your efforts. The point that I did not make very well was that a lot of the information that you are starting new threads on has already been covered by postings - all you need to do is look! There is a fantastic amount of hitherto unknown information that has come to light *here* in the past few years.

And the VFX thread is at:
Matej said:
aim9xray - not VFAX but VFX.

Here is something, trying to remember the source...

Great big hugenormous book from the 80's. I forget the title, but it's got big chapters on the F-14, F-15, B-1, Harrier, etc. I seem to recall "Mike Spick" being an author on the B-1 chapter. Similar sort of early B-1 drawings.

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