Atlantic Fokker/General Aviation model designations


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Jun 25, 2009
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There is an ongoing confusion over the model designations of US-built or US-marketed Fokker types. And with reason, too, since the commercial designations did not always match the inhouse numbers. Sometimes they echoed the Dutch system, sometimes they broke away from it.

Here is a listing of all 18 known Atlantic Fokker/General Aviation inhouse model designations and the commercial or military types they covered:

  • Model 1: USAAS DH-4M-2 and USAAC XCO-8
  • Model 2: Fokker S.3 (S.III)
  • Model 3: USAAC AO-1, XCO-4, CO-4A
  • Model 4: Universal, Standard Universal
  • Model 5: USAAC XLB-2
  • Model 6: Fokker F-7, F-7A; F-7A-3M and F-7B-3M Tri-Motor
  • Model 7: USAAC C-2, C-2A, C-7, C-7A; US Navy TA-1 (RA-1), TA-2 (RA-2), TA-3 (RA-3)
  • Model 8: Skeeter (model number reused below)
  • Model 8: Universal Special, Super Universal, US Navy XJA-1, Japan Ki-6 and C2N
  • Model 9: Fokker B-3 (B.IIIC) / F-11 Flying Yacht, F-11A/Special/AC Sky Yacht, F-11AHB/AHS Amphibian
  • Model 10: Fokker F-10 Super Tri-Motor, F-10A Deluxe Tri-Motor, USAAC C-5, US Navy RA-4
  • Model 11: Fokker-Hall H-51
  • Model 12: Fokker F-32 "Quad", USAAC YC-20
  • Model 13: prototype with side-by-side cockpit, strut-braced parasol wing, fabric-covered fuselage
  • AF-14: Fokker F-14/-14A/-14B Parasol, USAAC Y1C-14/-14A/-14B, Y1C-15/-15A Ambulance
  • AF-15: General Aviation FLB (Flying LifeBoat) = USCG PJ-1 and PJ-2
  • AF-16: USAAC XO-27, XB-8/XO-27A, YO-27, YB-8/Y1O-27
  • AF-17: USAAC XA-7
  • AF-18: US Navy XFA-1

  • General Aviation designations begin with AF-14, although the AF- aircraft sometimes appear as "Fokkers" in many documents.
  • U.S. Fokker designations normally used the Arab figures (1, 2, 3, 4...), contrary to the Dutch ones which used Roman figures (I, II, III, IV...).
  • The captions of the San Diego Air & Space Museum photo gallery contains mistakes over the Model numbers of the C-2 and LB-2, which they erroneously give both as "Model 2", which they are NOT.
  • Only the 1926 XHB-2 heavy bomber project does not seem to have received a Model designation.
  • Non-Fokker General Aviation designations started in GA- instead of AF-.
  • Somehow there were no GA-1 to GA-14 designations. Was that due to reflect the existence of the Fokker designs? Probably not, because General Aviation had at one point both an AF-15 and a GA-15 in its line of products. The unused numbers 1 to 14 might therefore have been assigned for record purposes to Berliner-Joyce models, as this company's assets became North American.
  • The GA-15 was the North American XO-47 for USAAC. The North American T-6 family's ancestor, the NA-16, followed, and from then onwards, all North American designs carried the NA- prefix.
  • The GA-43 was developed from the previous Fairchild Pilgrim design series and was in fact also known as the Pilgrim 150 at some point. Being designed by Clark, it sometimes also appears as the Clark GA-43. It apparently used a Fairchild number (Fairchild had Models 41, 42, 45 and 46, the latter being also a Clark design sometimes found as the GA-46).

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