Electronic Warfare

This is an hypothesis (one of several) developed by a think tank at this point, not hard fact yet.

The US-based think tank cited reports about high levels of GPS interference in Poland on January 10 and 16, and in the south Baltic Sea between December 25 and 27.

Polish media said that the interference affected aircraft GPS systems, but that flights were not impacted because air traffic control enabled navigation through alternative systems.

There was also speculation the interference could've been caused by secret NATO exercises or by Russian electronic warfare units in Russia's Kaliningrad enclave on the Baltic coast, said the ISW.


The system was used to “suppress enemy radio communication and electronic intelligence systems in a 1,000 km wide swathe”, the WMD states. “The capabilities of the equipment make it possible to blind the enemy in the short-wave and ultra-short-wave ranges, as well as to deprive it of cellular communications.”

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on its website on 12 March that the system can be used to discretely target radio frequency objects, conduct bandwidth and specific frequency jamming, and detect opposing forms of EW.

Palantin can also be used to create a system-of-systems by combining various EW and electronic reconnaissance systems into a single co-ordinated network to enhance efficiency, the MoD explained.

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Pole-21 electronic countermeasures system to enter in service with Russian armed forces.
The Russian Army has adopted Pole-21 electronic countermeasures system from Electronic Warfare Scientific and Technical Center JSC, according to the Izvestia daily. The Pole-21 is designed to protect strategic installations against enemy cruise missiles, smart bombs and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) reliant on the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou positioning systems for navigation and guidance.​

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