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Sep 26, 2006
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I'm sorry to see that the 'Russia Fires Warning Shots at British Destroyer in the Black Sea' thread has been locked. Leaving aside the nationalist tone that arose in some comment, perhaps there's potential in discussing navigation technologies and cyberwar under the Secret Projects banner?

Considering that GPS and other navigation systems can be spoofed, it's interesting to see how forces will respond to the threat of cyberwar. For example, there's this (paywalled, alas):

Personally, I'm interested (and horrified ) by the concept that anything can be war (beat that, von Clausewitz!), but this forum necessarily has its boundaries. Did you know that you can now get lemon-flavoured toothpaste but do you want to talk about that here? I happen to be interesting in seeing how various secret projects fit within broad strategic considerations but preserving a focus on engineering and design suits me fine (my background's in the history of design and architecture) and there are other places to pursue my wider interests. Admins, please feel free to move this to wherever you see fit.

I would like to add that, especially considering the diverse nationalities and likely political views of this forum's members, it's been quite remarkable in maintaining civility so well and for so long.
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Mar 11, 2012
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Given the Magnetic North Pole's current rapid migration from Canada towards the Geographic North Pole (based upon our orbit around the
Sun) any new navigation system will need regular software upgrades.

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