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Electronic Warfare


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Oct 7, 2019
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"Engineers at the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos have developed a plan to block foreign orbital spy satellites from operating in the skies above Russian territory, in what could mark a new era of counterintelligence.
The engineers at the Russian Space Systems Corporation, a subsidiary of Roscosmos, propose establishing a database of all known foreign orbital spy satellites to best configure an array of ground-based jamming devices.
Once this database is compiled, the agency could then decide the best location and composition for a proposed array of ground-based radio-electronic stations which suppress and prevent data transmission from optical, infrared and radar satellites."


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Jan 2, 2021
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Found out that a lot of different forum users have a Vietnamese background, so something to enjoy here.

"The countries of Southeast Asia are equipping their combat aircraft with new means of defense, trying to strengthen the protection of outdated Soviet-built machines.

In particular, an Indonesian Su-27 fighter, on which the Talisman airborne defense system was installed, was caught in the photo lens. This BKO is produced in Belarus by the Defense Initiatives enterprise. It is designed to counter threats posed by various types of missiles - both airborne and ground-based, including MANPADS. BKO has two modes of operation - "electronic stealth" and "false target".

This product provides protection for aircraft in the vicinity that are not equipped with such electronic warfare systems [...] Test and test results are very satisfactory

- noted in the Indonesian edition of EGI Inovasi.

The Vietnamese Air Force did not stand aside from the novelties of the Belarusian defense industry. "Talisman" was installed on the Su-22M4 fighter-bomber.

There is no doubt that the BKO Talisman will create an electronic shield around the Vietnamese fighters

As explained, the Vietnamese Air Force has 36 modernized Su-22 aircraft, which have undergone a series of improvements in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. As a result, they were able to effectively use the R-13, R-60 and R-73 air-to-air missiles."

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