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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

today a question about the EDO aircraft corporation and her designation system. I know Model 60, 69, 74, 88, 89, and 92 are floats. But know anyone of you the numbers for the EDO aircrafts (XOSE/TE/S2E-1)?

Servus Maveric
For the Edo Model 142 see: http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,7597.0.html
Edo Model 78 was also a float. See the article by toura... http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,2405.195.html
An exciting discovery of a possibly previously unknown Edo Aircraft Corp. flying boat design. a major modification of the Model B "Malolo," (a rarity on its own..)

Years ago, I acquired a large carton of the original personal archives of Boris von Korvin-Kroukovsky,. These documents were found in a semi-abandoned shack in remote Vermont woods, where BVKK lived out his final years, until passing... They were full of correspondence between him and Earl D Osborne (hence.."EDO") in which they first conceived of starting an aircraft manufacturing company, and then co-founded EDO. BVKK was listed as Edo's Cheif Designer. The box also contained numerous Original 1920s blueprints of BVKK's designs for seaplanes, flying boats, and amphibious floats etc, for military and civil use.

I eventually resold the archive to one of the leading authorities on EDO history, who had started writing a series on the company. (First installment was in the Journal "SKYWAYS," -SKYWAYS, #71, 2004.) These original blueprints contained a clear blueprint drawing of the"Edo Aircraft Corporation Model B, Dec. 30 1925," by BVKK of a TWO-engined Model B. (push-pull, Anzanis) of a revised "Malolo." BVKK's archives aso included many original full blueprints and spec sheets for known aircraft, as well as many hand-drawn, on yellow legal paper, and on letter paper.

I am "sick" that I did not have the foresight to have copies of them made, before sending them off. They were, of course, far too large to scan, and the camera photos I took of them are a decent record, but far from ideal images. I DID study, and make MANY notes and records of the vast influence and importance of BVKK and his Edo history, and designs of aircraft, flying boats and single, dual, and amphibious floats, for Edo and Aeromarine and others.

Here is the discovery blueprint of the (previously unknown?) twin engined Model B.


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Thanks a lot Joe! Every time you contribute something it always feels like Christmas ahead of its time! This is beautiful, and I hope that the folks who now have their hands on that collection will eventually get a book done on EDO. Thanks also for the very informative description of EDO's foundation.
Thank You, Stephane.. (Did you see the unusual Curtiss Robin, factory experimental, I posted, knowing your fondness for Curtiss and CW aircraft design? Curious to hear if you had ever seen or heard of it, before? and/or had anything to add, about it?)
I believe this also may be another "lost" Edo aircraft design.?
I think this EDO low-wing monoplane Amphibian Seaplane design, of Oct, 20, 1927, is quite beautiful, especially for the time period. Engine was a 225hp Wright, and the amphibious dual floats had the wheels extending out of the bottom center of each float. As noted on the blueprint by B. V. Korvin Kroukovsky.
(I did some playing with the dwg and found it had approx. 12 degrees fuselage angle for taxiing on the ground..)


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Very clean and elegant design indeed! There is a lot more to EDO than meets the eye it seems...
As for the Robin picture you mentioned, Joe... no, I don't think I've seen it. I'll go check. Thanks!
Maveric said:
Hi all,

today a question about the EDO aircraft corporation and her designation system. I know Model 60, 69, 74, 88, 89, and 92 are floats. But know anyone of you the numbers for the EDO aircrafts (XOSE/TE/S2E-1)?

Servus Maveric

Hi Maveric,

if you're still interested (your question dated back to 2008) in the "numbers" for the EDO aircrafts (XOSE/TE/S2E-1) - if you look for the BuNo's of the eight aircraft - please let me know!

I have elected to move this topic to the more popular "Projects" section rather than the "Designations" one, because we have very few designations and there are great projects here that deserve seeing!
All *I* will be asking for is more about EDO. This is just the stuff I like best: old water-borne aircraft. MORE!
Arjen said:
All *I* will be asking for is more about EDO. This is just the stuff I like best: old water-borne aircraft. MORE!

That makes two of us. I'm just a sucker for flying boats myself!
EDO Gurnard

Made some research on the EDO Gurnard, the reconstructed EDO Malolo.
Even found a newspaper photo of her with registration #32.
Will list what I have found so far concerning Malolo and Gurnard:

Apr 20, 1927 Tow tank test on a model of the Gurnard hull (US Navy Experimental Model Basin, Navy Yard, Washington D.C.)
Apr 20, 1927 Registration issued - Malolo - Certificate #32
Jun 16, 1927 Malolo test flight, C.L. Webster (pilot)
Jul 7, 1927 Malolo test flight, A.P. Seversky (pilot), B.V. Korvin-Kroukovsky (observer)
Jul 14, 1927 Malolo test flight, C.L. Webster (pilot), K.D. Vosler (observer)
Jul 17, 1927 Gurnard, line drawing F-3001
Dec 22, 1927 Gurnard, line drawing G-3001
Jan 1928 Gurnard wind tunnel test at MIT Boston (indicated a 30% increase in L/D for the Gurnard over the Malolo)
Aug 6, 1928 Gurnard weighed, balance diagram G-1002
Oct 25, 1928 Gurnard test attempts
Oct 30, 1928 Gurnard test attempts
Nov 1, 1928 Gurnard, first flight, F.W. Dalrymple* (pilot), B.V. Korvin-Kroukovsky (observer)
Nov 13, 1928 Gurnard test flight, F.W. Dalrymple (pilot), K.D. Vosler (observer)
Dec 19, 1928 Gurnard test flight
Dec 20, 1928 Gurnard test flight, Mr. Taylor (pilot), G.B. Post (pilot)
Mar 4, 1929 Gurnard, sold to Coastal Airways
Mar 13, 1929 Gurnard, license applied by Coastal AW (referred to 'Gurnard' built by EDO) registration #32
Mar 17, 1929 Gurnard registration #32, newspaper photo (The Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
May 27, 1929 Gurnard, stress analysis report
Apr 6, 1929, Gurnard certificate issued #598
1930 Gurnard, last seen at Jacobs shipyard, City Island, N.Y.

*F.W. Dalrymple - President of Coastal Airways

Attached is a comparison Malolo-Gurnard!


ps: Erroneously in another forum the Gurnard is described as the EDO Model B - but as you can see here
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in the drawing of the Model B it had a half open cockpit and two engines and the Gurnard a closed cockpit and one engine!


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The Aerofiles.com site describes a scout designated XS2E-1 ...
OSE - Redesignation from XS2E-1. 1-2pClwM on wheels or with single float that could be fitted with "ferry gear" wheels for cross-country flying; 550hp Ranger V-770-8; span: 37'11" length: 31'2" load: 2090# v: 205/130/x range: 900.

Type SE ( models XSE-1 and XSE-2 ) was designed and built by Bellanca.

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