Early 60s UK SAMs and the US Mauler programme

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27 September 2006
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If the US Mauler programme (a combined missile and radar system on a tracked vehicle) had not been cancelled in 1964 it would also have been introduced to the UK Armed Forces. The naval version (Sea Mauler) was also earmarked for RN ships.

The UK gave up its own project (BAC PT438) when the UK chose Mauler. As far as I can establish, the system would have had a missile similar to Rapier, but launched from a multi tube tracked launcher like Roland or Shahine. I have never seen any pictures or drawings of mockups or models, so assume that the project never got past classified drawings.

Interestingly Shorts proposed a simple Rapier style missile (Seacat 2) for its existing launchers in about 1962. This never got past the model stage, but led eventually to the BAC Seawolf.
I have found a trove of stuff on www.wayback.org on www.redstone.mil.army in history section year 2004. On mauler in second pdf on mauler system gives line drawing on GTV and Ltv test vehicles.

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