Maulers versus PT 428

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27 September 2006
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Like many other early 60s visions of the future, PT 428 and Mauler offered sci-fi like solutions to the problems later solved by rather duller weapons like BPDMS Seasparrow or Rapier. Even Seawolf in its ropey looking six box launcher looks less sexy than Mauler or PT 428 with their sleek launcher/missile combinations.

Mauler looks more practical than PT 428 and less cumbersome. Had the RN and USN been able to fit this missile instead of BPDMS and Seawolf, the Knox and Leander ASW escorts would have been much better defended ships than they were in reality.

There is some artwork in an old Janes (1962?) showing a US DE with its compact Mauler. Leanders and Rothesays would have received the system in lieu of their 40mm guns on the helo hangars.

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