Drone hunting in Yemen war

unfortunately I can't find a video, but saw one attempt to use the gun (the shots was fired as a support very shortly after missile launch)

That would do an awesome video.


it episode look like as that one fighter fired missile and another shots by the same target from different directions, just like the War Thunder :D

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High Pulsed Microwave is the current fashion for disabling electronics. HPM is better than laser because it is less affected by clouds or smoke.
HPM or laser has an added advantage of limiting collateral damage. Either can fire dozens of times before it needs to re-load. Cooling is a greater challenge. Perhaps just dump liquid nitrogen between "shots." Less explosives and less shrapnel create fewer civilian casualties.
OTOH I doubt that communist, royalist or other authoritarian regimes care about casualties among their citizens.

France has deployed Rafale jets to bolster the strength of U.A.E. armed forces following the Yemeni Houthi attack last month which targeted Abu Dhabi.

“Rafale fighter planes, which belong to our permanent force based in Abu Dhabi, are thus engaged alongside the U.A.E. armed forces in surveillance, detection and interception missions if necessary,” Florence Parly, the French Minister of the Armed Forces tweeted on Friday.

An official statement by the French defense ministry said the country decided to participate alongside the U.A.E. after the Houthis attacked Abu Dhabi on January 17. The attacks left three people dead.

Following the Houthi offensive, the U.A.E. requested France's support under the defense agreement between our two countries, signed in 1995 and strengthened in 2009.

The French armed forces are mobilizing the capabilities permanently deployed within the French forces in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU), reinforced by in-flight refueling and ground-to-air defense capabilities.

The ministry added that the operations are planned and conducted from Al Dafra Air Base (BA 104), in close coordination with UAE forces, to detect and intercept drone or cruise missile attacks targeting the UAE. Rafale fighter planes will conduct regular surveillance flights over Emirati territory.

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First Harrier Ace !!!
View: https://twitter.com/Osinttechnical/status/1757123411761901655?t=olVGzd-aDlvR4rrn_jSc-w&s=19

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- Good analogy. You're right, if the V-1s made aces, then Houthis drones must, too. I think there was also one of the top NVAF aces, he shot down a few Ryan AQM-34 Fireflies.

- No Harrier Aces in Falklands ?

- not bad for a plane close from retirement, because F-35B... "better late than never."
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