Douglas DC-2000 hypersonic transport aircraft

Shown here in Canadian CP Air insignia, the McDonnell Douglas DC-2000 represents the views of one of the world's greatest airliner design teams on the possible configuration of an end-of-the-century 6,000mph commercial jet.

Not sharing Lockheed's immediate, acute worries, McDonnell Douglas continues to think far ahead, into the 'eighties and even to
the end of the century. While Boeing still hankers for a huge, Mach 3 successor to its long-abandoned SST, Douglas
believes that America's first step into commercial supersonics should be with an aircraft looking very like Con corde, made of the same conventional materials and flying in the same speed range, but carrying twice as many people. Beyond that its engineers visualise an end-of-century DC-2000, powered by four liquid-hydrogen ramjets, that will carry 500 passengers up to 7,500 miles non-stop at 6,000mph. Australia in under three hours from London might seem like science-fiction but, personally, the writer never scoffs at anything with a ''DC'' prefix.

Aircraft Yearbook 1974 edited by John W.R. Taylor


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Beyond the AST, Fitz Simmons said that
by the year 2000 the world 's fleets of transport
vehicles may include the hypersonic aircraft .
A proposed McDonnell Douglas concept, he
pointed out, is the "DC-2000" which would be
powered by four hydrogen-burning turbojets
and four ramjets. The turbojets would be
used for takeoff, transonic acceleration and
crui se up to Mach 3.5. Above that speed, the
ramjets would power the aircraft.
The DC-2000 would have a wing span of 170
feet with an arrow-like fuselage 475 feet in
length. It would have a gross takeoff weight of
875,000 pounds and would be capable of carrying
500 passengers at a cruise speed six times
the speed of sound. The hypersonic aircraft
would have a range of more than 5,000 miles.

Douglas J. Ingells
Aero Publishers, Inc., 1979
I'm sure the operational costs would have been quite reasonable with this design...

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