Dornier/Hawker Siddeley DoHS VTOL/STOL aircraft

Do you know the years for HS 129 ,Do/HS 1 and Do/HS 2 ?
DoHS brochure is dated April 1966.

The DoHS-2 is projected for the "mid 1970s", pending RB.189 lift jet availability.
Some specs would be in order I think...


2 x Rolls-Royce Spey 5-1 main engines (takeoff/cruise)
12 xRB.162-81 lift jets (takeoff)

Liftjet pods can be left off and the DoHS-1 operated as a conventional transport.

Design Weight: 68,350lb
Max payload: 16,000lb
Hold size: 36ft x 7ft x 7.5ft
Cruise speed: 400kts
Design mission: 11000lb/270nm radius

Hold is large enough to hold 2 Unimog trucks, 36 paratroopers, or DoHS liftjet pods.

2 additional lift jets in each pod
Maximum weight increased to 77,000lb

Basically similar to DoHS-1(14) but with developed Speys and 12 RB.189 engines replacing the 14 RB.162 engines in smaller pods.
Design mission: 12000lb/500nm radius (NMBR4 requirement)


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Anything on the HS(DH)129 itself which led to this joint project ?

Drawings, dimensions etc as its being rather elusive ???


Model shown in Aeroplane 1965:


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Some images from Dornier Post magazine 1/2 1969 in a piece about the Do.31.

The top left image appears to be the type mentioned as the Do.131B variant in an earlier post.

The image in the top right was pictured in the Do.60T topic at,1357.msg11604.html#msg11604.


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Sadly the Dornier and HS light transports and the VJ101D and P1154 supersonic strike fighters were too complex and expensive. Both Dornier and HS carried on with the Do231 and HS141 vstol transports for civil and military use. By 1973 these also had proved too much. The DH129 has a r vague similarity to the HS146 feederliner, better known as the BAe 146.

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