Dornier Do 30 STOL transport from 1959

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27 December 2005
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Pretty little plane

Dornier: Die Chronik des altesten deutshen Flugzeugwerks (Dornier 1983)


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This picture shows ALL parts of the landing gear ;) .

We (vstol, jemiba and I) have found it in the Baubeschreibung Nr. 230/7 of the Do 30 folder at Dornier archive in Immenstaad.


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If I'm reading the description correctly, the cross-shafting between the engines has to be something of a design problem with the location of the engines. Not an insurmountable one but one that's definitely something of a challenge.
Dornier colour photograph of a Do 30 model (not as detailed as the earlier images).


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here is anther view to Dornier Do.30 Model.


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From Flieger Revue Extra,

the Dornier P.333 was STOL experimental aircraft project of 1955,powered bu two turbine
engines,and the P.338 was also a STOL experimental aircraft project of 1957,developed
from P.333 with jet engines,all those proposals led to designed the Do.30.

Flieger Revue Extra


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Re: Various Dornier projects

Following the earlier post, here's a picture taken at the Dornier Museum of the same model of the type which is now at Friedrichschafen.


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Re: Re: Various Dornier projects

A further picture of a model of the Do 30. According to 'Dornier. A brief History of the Dornier Company' , published in 1983, it said that, "This STOL transport aircraft projected in 1959 was based aerodynamically and structurally on the experience gained with the Do 29; it had rectangular wing, rigid slats and dual-slotted landing flaps. The two Dart turboprop engines were synchronized via gearbox and extension shaft. At 10.7 tonnes take-off weight, the take-off distance was calculated to be 165 m (up to 10.5 m altitude) and the landing roll was 200 m (from 15 m altitude). The cargo hold with a length of 8 m, a width of 2.3 m and a standing height of 1.8 m was configured for military use, as was the quick-change capability and the large tail loading ramp.

The Do 30 was designed as a cargo and troop carrier (up to 30 troops), as an ambulance aircraft (18 litter cases with accompanying personnel), for aerial supply (pallet dropping) and in civil use as a feeder aircraft (28 passengers), as a cargo transport and a business aircraft for industry and government agencies.

The Do 30 project was offered to the German Air Force in 1960 but was given up in favour of the Do 31 V/STOL programme.

Technical Data
Length: 17'5 m.
Height: 7'6 m.
Span: 22'0 m.
Wing area: 65'0 m2.
Take-off weight: 10'8 t.
Payload: 3'5 t.
- 2 x Rolls Royce DART Mk 529 each 1938 PSW/SPH"
Source:, which also lists other Dornier projects including some of its UAV programs


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The Do 30 appears to have a Fiat/Aeritalia G.222 feel to it!!

PaulMM (Overscan) said:
Pretty little plane

Dornier: Die Chronik des altesten deutshen Flugzeugwerks (Dornier 1983)

From the same source,the data.


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There is a chapter about the Dornier Do 30 STOL in the book "Dornier Do 31" published by Peter Kielhorn, Motor Buch Verlag on 25th. Oktober 2018.

Link (German):

Other projects like the the Do 29, Do P 333/1, Do P 333/2, Do P 333/8 and Do P 333/48 , which then finally led to the Do 31, are also mentioned.
I haven't bought or lend out this book so far, so I can't give a summary or post low-quality screenshots as an appetizer. ;) :)

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