Dornier cargo VTOL 60 T ?


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26 May 2006
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My dear boxkite,

do you have any idea about Dornier cargo VTOL 60 T aircraft project?,
I found it in Internet, just its name with no details and 60 T may be
means 60 Ton.
Hesham, please give me the link for this. For the moment I cannot remember which of the many proposals it could be, but surely '60 t' means 60 tonnes and is definitely NOT a project number. Do you have an illustration of the aircraft?
My dear boxkite,

I know the site which I told before not explain that design
but what was the Dornier cargo 60 Tonnes VTOL projects?.
Hello chaps

Have a look on google patents this might be similar to what you are discussing
Patent number: 3109609
Filing date: Jul 20, 1961
Issue date: Nov 5, 1963
Inventor: Feier Domier
Sorry, couldn't find any mention of the MTOW, what's probably meant with "60t".
For me, it looks like the Do 31/131 without additional lift engines. A "60t" VSTOL
aircraft would have needed some more power, I think ( 60t is about the weight of
a loaded Hercules) !
From external appearance, the largest Dornier VSTOL project I could find is shown
below, unfortunately without designation and again I don't even know the source, sorry ...


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in George Messier site,here is the Dornier cargo VTOL 60 ton project,may be
at the end of 1960s.

Also a mysteries Dornier P.331 and P.501 ?.


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hesham said:
day after day,I discover that Messier site is right

But then, why wouldn't it be? I personally have never had any reason to disbelief or mistrust the Messier website as it was done using the company's archives.
It's not because we don't know something that we should automatically discard or disregard it...
My dear Stargazer,

I didn't mean any person himself,but I want to say many projects in a group of companies are still
known,even Putnam,Midland or Docavia publishers (with all respect to them) can't gather all of this
materials,because they unveiled by their governments or lost their documents.

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