Does anyone have info on this airplane?


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28 March 2008
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Back in the mid-seventies Popular Mechanics(?) ran a cover story featuring a corporate twin-jet amphibian. It had tear drop shaped flight deck windows, oval passenger windows. It had a very unique wing that extended and retracted. Below is a very rough sketch from memory. Does anyone have this magazine or reference regarding the project. Any help would be appreciated.



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Just answered my own question with Google...and bought the issue! Amazing, the internet is. Here's the aircraft. Look for a poster profile soon. I cant remember where my keys are but a 30 yr old cover concept is never forgotten! ;D



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Very cool. The telescoping wing concept isn't unique, though.

Russian designers liked this idea. Ivan Makhonine designed the first telescoping-winged aircraft -- the MAK-10 built in France in 1931. Then there was G.I. Bakshayev's RK (Razdvizhnoe Krylo) series both built and projected (including tandem-winged fighters).

I love the optimistic spirit of the cover. The style of illustration has always been a bit of a draw-(no pun intended)- for my rinky-dink library of aviation. Yep, that dates me!
Originally the magazine was saved in a old cedar chest, only to find the chest had been sold at a garage sale years later. It was totally by chance the airplane channeled its way back from the dustiest files in the ol'brain matter. More by chance that there was only one copy on the web available..which is on its way to me. Sweet! :D

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