Dieter Herwig`s dead!


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25 October 2007
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hi guys,

I hoppe this isn`t inappropriate to post here, but the "Secret projects guru" and author of two of the "Luftwaffe Secret Projects", probably the best in the genre, has died. But, guess what? He was working for some time with co-author Heinz Rode on a fourth volume "Secret Projects of the German Air Industry", illustrations for it were ready but Herwig pursue a legal action to take control of those drawings. He loose, and the book got stucked. And now he`s gone.
Wurger, I moved the topic here because I think it is best placed here with the books.

I'm so sad with that news about Dieter Herwig's. I really love that books about Luftwaffe Secret Projects. It is where the Secret Projects Series started setting a milestone: a book fully devoted to unbuilt projects alone, with high quality drawings in full markings and excellent overall quality. That 4th volume would have been also really welcomed. It is a pity.

I hope a next generation of unbuilt projects gurus could continue his great task.
Hi everyone,

why don`t we all ( as I did ), secret projects fans, send messages to the editor, Motorbuch Verlag, urging them to publish the fourth volume? The drawings are complete, and the publisher could arrange with Dieter Herwig`s heirs to gatter the basic data. I contacted the original publisher Motorbuch Verlag, then the british editor, Ian Allan ( Midland ). Will you do it too? You can reach them at:

the editor is Dr. Patricia Scholten
the editor at

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