Dewoitine D-527


I just found a letter from Lionel Larmanger from POMK from Jan. 7, 1998. He made a 1/48 Dewoitine D.527. As he states it,

"The D. 527 is a plane borned from the mastermaker imagination. The wings are from a P-51B, the fuselage is: front P-51A, rear from D.520. The radiator (under fuselage & wing) is from a Yak 9, propeller is from a P-51A. The radiator is from a Yak 9. The propeller from a P-51A

It's a Franco-American plane with a little Russian. It is a nice kit that should have could fly during the WWII."

I know he sent a three view drawing of it, but was not with letter. Must keep digging. But I hope someone else has the kit and can scan the drawings and post them here. Justo??
Does anyone know if Lionel Larmanger is still making Pend Oreille kits? He has some wonderful stuff that no one else had out, a lot of stuff has now been released by major & minor model kit companies.
Finally found it, the 3 view I have been trying to locate for 3 months, just goes to prove nothing is ever lost, just misplaced.:


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