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28 January 2006
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the Delanne 160 an attack aircraft or fighter from before the WWII.

Enjoy it, and i hope somebody could find more info about such weird companies and his projects.




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Very odd!

Unfortunately, I'm not very interested in pre-jet stuff myself so I have nothing to contribute.
Delanne was a firm of the late 30's specialised in tandem wings (Ie two wings, one forward, the other on the rear). If you are intrested, I can give details about Delanne

There was an article from "Le Fana de l'Aviation" some years ago.
The main problem is I haven't a scanner in my house...but I can made a short list of the projects and describe it.

I have the same problem, my scanners is dead right now, so i need to buy a new one, but i´m waiting for find a good one with a attractive price.

raravia said:
I have the same problem, my scanners is dead right now, so i need to buy a new one, but i´m waiting for find a good one with a attractive price.

I don't know what things are like where you are, but here you can get perfectly servicable scanners for about $30. They're built light, which means they're structurally weak... but it also means they're easy to haul around. I've had my cheapo scanner for 4-5 years and have haulled it all over, and it scans at high resolution perfectly well.
As Delanne was mentioned, I would like to add a picture from a copy of
a magazine (Air Trails ???). More interesting than the design in US colours
probably are the models in front of the designer himself. The one in the left
foreground could be the Westland-Delanne proposal, shown by Cuny,I think.
The gap in the middle of the artist's impression is due to the center fold.


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It seems that Delanne keep on working on its project after WWII...
What happened to many french ingeniers is as follow
- they funded their own private firm between 1910 and 1936
- the firm was nationalised in 1936; as private owner, they were forced to withdrawn.
- French defeat of 1940 achieved the disaster by stopping aviation design for 5 years.
Only two french ingeniers (Dassault and Breguet) managed to take control again of their firm. Others such as Dewoitine, Delanne, or Wibault ended without firm under their control... Wibault had the first (raw) idea which led to the Harrier, in 1956...

This Westland-Delanne Attack aircraft is wonderful.
Indeed, the models over the table are more interesting, do you know which models are those?. I wonder if the magazine says something more about it

What happened to Delanne? Did he keep working during the war for the allies?...or was captured by germans? I doubt it, I just want to know how he ended working with Westland. I think all this projects ended in nothing, because I couldn´t find any mention his work after the war.

And the drawings of Wibault are very good too. Great work!

@ raravia :

Sorry, I've just got two pages of this article in a magazine I've never heard of.
I'll try to get the rest, but as far as I can see, it's more about Delanne himself,
than about his aircraft, and there's no information about the other designs.

The article mentioned by Jemiba comes from AirTrails,October 1950.
It's a description of the lifes and times of Mr.Delanne and his
research for the Duo-Mono or the tanden wing.
No more illustrations are shown but the ones mentioned by Jemiba.

A good account about the Duo-Mono wing ,with more illustrations is given on:
(choose specials)


anther Delanne projects for bombers aircraft were : DL-120 and DL-150.
There are some Delanne projects:

DL-70 double-deck tandem 6-engined flyingboat.

DL-120 twin engined tandem-wing bomber.

DL-150 and DL-151 twin engined tandem-wing bombers.
hesham said:

some little known aircraft:
Delanne DL-190 sailplane.

My information to the Delanne DL-190 is, that it was a testbed to explore the
possibility of larger transport gliders using the Delanne principle and was built
during the german occupation.


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Thank you my dears Jemiba and Lark,

The Delanne DL-40 was twin engined tandem wing transport
aircraft project,intended to carry 25-passengers and a crew
of three,it had an estimated speed of 560 km/h and maximum
range 1600 km.
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Delanne 150/151


"Le trait d'Union" unknown issue


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Delanne 20T

-"les belles bêtes du temps passé" by Robert J. Roux-le fanatique de l'Aviation unknown issue


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Delanne 10C2

-"Delanne:une certaine formule" by Jean Cuny-le fanatique de l'Aviation unknown issue


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Delanne projects compilation from previous topics
Justo Miranda said:
"Le trait d'Union" unknown issue
It is the issue #186 of July/August 1999 (Charles Claveau's article).
There is also the 3-view of the Patent of 1935, the DL70, DL120, DL190 (and 2 others without tandem wings, less funny).
Alas my scanner is in a jam, sorry. Maybe someday if someone is interested.
Perhaps I can assist you. Here are the mentioned drawings from
the mentioned Le Trait d'Union issue.


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Hi all

Here is the first Delanne' plane.


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first from "aviation magazine"
and this one from " le Fana"


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The Delanne DL-50 P1 was a single seat high-performance glider project,intended
in 1939,but may be for the circumstances of the war,the design ignored.

a Delanne folded wing aircraft patent.

l'Aeronatique 1932


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Justo Miranda said:
Delanne 20T

-"les belles bêtes du temps passé" by Robert J. Roux-le fanatique de l'Aviation unknown issue
N°229 12/1988 too

Justo Miranda said:
Delanne 10C2

-"Delanne:une certaine formule" by Jean Cuny-le fanatique de l'Aviation unknown issue
N°230 01/1989

Really odd looking aircraft...
The pilot in the last shown A/C would have had hardly any sight forward/down.

What was the benefit of Delanne's concept?
Principally the benifits are the same, as for all tandem wings. All flying surfaces are producing
positive lift, whereas in a conventional aircraft, the tailplane is producing negative lift, so decreasing
overall lift and adding drag. Besides that, AFAIK a tandem wing allows for a greater tolerances of
the position of the CG. And for smaller overall dimensions, especially with regards to span ...
Good explained, to my opinion, here ;)
From Le Fana 230,here is artist drawing to a patent,and DL-10 wooden Model.


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From Ailes 1/1946,

Delanne DL.190.


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A few photographs of the Delanne 10-C2 which formed part of an exhibition at Giremoutiers on the occasion of the inauguration of the plaque commemorating the death of Guy de Châteaubrun, who was flying the 10-C2 when it crashed at les Fermiers, in that commune, on 10 August 1938.


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Here is the first Delanne' plane.

My dear Toura,

It's not the first one,so it called D.II,but D.I was the first aircraft of 1929 as in TU magazine.


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According to the French Wikipedia page, Maurice Delanne was born in 1901. He founded his own factory and built a few tandem wing prototypes. His tandem wings were based on Henri Mignet’s Pou de Ciel concept, but improved by increasing spacing between the two wings.
His single-engines prototypes had forward gull wings because “Polish wings” (see PZL) were fashionable during the 1930s.
During WW2, Delanne served in the Resistance, but was captured in October 1942 and stayed in a German forced labour camp until liberated in April 1945 (US Army).
Just before WW2, Delanne licensed Westland to build a tandem wing variant on the Lysander. A single Delanne Lysander prototype flew with a 4-gun powered turret, but was too late to participate in the Battle of Britain and never went into production.
Afterer WW2, Delanne moved to the USA, but returned to France in 1960.
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