CX-2 competition: Medium-Range Aeromedical Evacuation Aircraft

hesham said:

In Flightglobal I found that mystery competition for me,(Medium-Range
Aeromedical Evacuation Aircraft CX-2),does anyone hear about it ?.

Didn't the DC-9 win that competition?
According to FAS the C-9 Nightingale entered service a year later after the competition described in that article.

It also describes the old Dragon AT missile as being "new," which should give you a true idea of how old this thing is :p

In hindsight I'm kinda surprised that they chose the DC-9 since the Air Force was already operating the T-43. Then again I guess they did it for Marine Corps/Navy commonality, or perhaps the requirements for all services were rolled into one. Ironically enough it's being replaced by the C-40 now (737-700)


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