Corgi diecast 1:72 BAC Tsr 2 now out: Disappointing

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27 September 2006
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I have always loved the TSR 2 and was looking forward to this
model. I was really hoping that I would like this diecast model and it might persuade kitbuilding
TSR 2 fans to consider a made-up version

I saw the Corgi TSR 2 for the first time yesterday and was very disappointed.

Some specifics:

The box is a waste of space. It is far too large for what is quite a narrow, if longish model. But
worst of all there is no quality artwork, just a poor photo of the model itself.

The model is a lot of metal and well cast, but where are the fun details we have come to expect
on 1/72 models from other manufacturers. There is no provision for open cockpits. No detailed
paint and panel mark shading. TSR 2 is one of the most photoed subjects there is.

Corgi have obviously had to keep the costs down to get a retail price of 80 Pounds or so. I think in
this they have fallen into the old toy versus model trap. This is an iconic plane and there is so far no
other diecast model in this scale.

I may be being grouchy but compared with some of the Hobbymaster and Geminijets offerings and
even Corgi's own Lightning models this is a lemon.

UK 75

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