Blue Water missile : an easy modelling option

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27 September 2006
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Last year two Blue Water missiles were issued as resin loads by Military Aircraft Monthly's company (SAM?) for the Airfix TSR 2.

I have just seen an ad in a model magazine for a Bedford TK army truck with generator set from Oxford Diecast models, albeit in a slightly different 1:76 scale. Anyone wanting a quick and dirty Blue Water model should be able to get hold of both cheaply.

Although photos and drawings of Blue Water show the earlier round cabbed Bedford, I am sure that the in-service version would have had a later model vehicle.

UK 75
I too managed to obtain the old 1/32 Airfix Bedford for a Blue Water project but the basic truck is too much like hard work to use and I then seriously bent it trying to vac-form a cab from it.

However for a deluxe attempt Accurate Armour have quoted me £60 for their 1/35th resin kit, minus the truck body. So it's possible but at a price.

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