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Donald McKelvy
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14 August 2009
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Found a Convair Atlas ICBM rocket contractor desk model for sale on eBay.

Seller's description:
RARE Contractor Model - Stands over 50" tall

This auction is for a General Dynamics, Convair Division, Atlas ICBM contractor model. This model was made in house by General Dynamics in the 1950's for presentations with NASA, USAF, and other government agencies. The model is made out of wood and metal. The majority of the model is wood, but it has a metal core and other metal parts. The models detail is amazing and better then the tiny Topping Atlas ICBM (Pictured). Both vernier rockets are present and adjustable. The nose section (Red) and the re-entry vehicle (White) are removable. The model stands an impressive 51" tall. That's over 4 feet! Due to its size the model was made to hang on the wall or from the ceiling. One side of the model has 2 large metal mounting post with a metal wire running between the two. The model was not made for a display stand although one can be made. I bought the model thinking I could display it, but due it's size I am selling it. I have taken pictures with other models to give you an idea of it's size. The overall condition of the model is good if not great. The model has a surface crack in the silver paint by the C in force and other paint chips throughout the body. I have taken a lot of pictures that show the various paint chips. Other measurements are: Bottom - 8 1/2" wide and 21" around, Middle - 5 1/2" wide and 16" around, Nose & Re-entry vehicle - 11 1/2" tall. The model will be packaged very well and will be ship insured using UPS. Do to the size of the box I will not ship this overseas! This is a massive model that belongs in a museum, so don't miss out.


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Re: Convair Atlas ICBM Rocket Contractor Desk Model on eBay

Additional Convair Atlas ICBM rocket contractor desk model images.


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