Cirrus's "the-jet"


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1 February 2007
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Cirrus Design has just taken the wraps of fa full-scale mockup of its single-engine jet, called......."the-jet".

What does it remind you of?


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Global Hawk got a baby?
Reminds me of one of my personal favourites...


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I was thinking it sort of looked like a single engine V-Jet (That was he Rutan VLJ demonstrator).

This is the first I've seen it. It looks cool, but in many ways, reminds me of those Japanese plane toys that are sort of caricatures of real planes. It sort of looks like a toy or "baby" plane.
The V-Jet II was a pet project of Dr Sam Williams. It was designed and built by Rutan and planned to be a testbed and showcase for the FJX-2 small turbofan that Williams was developing under NASA's GAP (General Aviation Propulsion) programme. But I think it only ever flew with the early FJX-1 engines - the same ones that also powered the Chichester-Miles Leopard.

The Eclipse connection is interesting. Eclipse secured exclusive use of the production FJX-2, which was renamed the EJ22, and hired Williams to design the aircraft. But the EJ22 never worked properly, and powered the Eclipse on only one flight. Eclipse severed the relationship with Williams, relocated the design team and switched engines to the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F.

The Leopard pic is from the Bournemouth Aviation Museum website


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Oh right, Williams, I forgot all about that. What a mess that was and no wonder the Eclipse feels like it's been around forever, yet is only now entering service.

It will be interesting to see how all of these small single jets shake out. We have Piper's, We have Epic's, the Diamond D-Jet, etc. I'm not sure how many more I'm missing, but so far, the Cirrus is my favorite.
And only 9 years after the last post.
Comes equipped with a ballistic recovery system!


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Video going into details of operation and costs.

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