Chinese circle-wing fighter concept


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23 September 2008
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I thought the same thing! This looks like an aircraft for a Japanese anime, not a real-life project.
I hope Deino, our Chinese aviation guru, may know more. Anyway, we always can move topic to the other tree
royabulgaf said:
Maybe he was trying to find something to do with some old woks?
;D ROTFL! Some guys on this forum have a great sense of humor. I love that!
oh, those Chinese plagiators, as always ;),233.0/

but this time they have stolen cukoo project
Matej said:
Is there any new technology/principle? Because it looks like a toy and not a good one.
according to me, it is a funny toy, like a terrestrial flying saucer (I know many aircraft were this way, but this is a pleasant modern update) thanks! ;D
that concept somehow reminds me of the "Flying Pancake"

and.. well my imagination during my childhood age related to what's U-2 Dragon Lady look alike... my grandfather told me that US have U-2 spyplane that look alike UFO... and well i draw a UFO with a canopy and tail, labeled it U-2 and showed it to my grandfather :D

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