Chantiers Aéronavals Romano R-110 3 seat fighter prototype......

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BTW, the R.110 was a three-place fighter. As far as I know, it should be used
as a formation leader for single seat fighters.
Jemiba haves a bullseye ... response to a 1934 program by the French l' Etat Major de l'Air for a
'bimoteur de commandement à la chasse' (L'Aviation N° 462)
Not to beat an old hose, but: Was the forward firing armament mobile or fixed? ;),7951.0.html
Dear Boys and Girls, here is an article in French about the Chantiers Aéronavals Romano R-110 3 seat fighter prototype. The Romano R-110 was a losing competitor in the Armée de l'Air's C3 "Triplace de Chasse" 3-seat fighter contest of October 1934. It featured fixed forward-firing Hispano-Suiza 20mm cannons operated by the pilot; and was intended to operate as a control fighter or fighter direction "Bimoteur de Commandement à la Chasse" aircraft. Other C3 competitors included:-

Bréguet 690 series (joint winner).
Potez 63 series (joint winner).
Hanriot 220 (loser) later developed into the SNCAC NC.600.
Loire-Nieuport LN.20 "project" (construction abandoned).

The article comes from the 1st March 1967 issue of Aviation Magazine International......

Terry (Caravellarella)
Maybe this thread should be split and merged into those three others:
- R.110:,12613.0.html
- R.120:,12572.0.html
- R.130:,12549.0.html
I think there is enough interesting info to keep the three threads separate instead of dumping all in a single Romano topic.
Moderators feel free to erase my own message afterwards.
From Aero Journal 44,

here is a drawing to R-110,which led to develop R-111.


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