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14 June 2006
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Someone, some time ago asked about the Ca-345. I found something and here it is.
It was one of the projects tendered in June 1939 to the competition for an patrol and observation seaplane for large ships (heavy cruisers and up). Other competitors were the Piaggio P-117 and the IMAM Ro-65.
Relevant data: span15,90 m; lenght 12,30 m; height 4,00 m. Wing surface 34,5 mq, two Piaggio P.VII C.16 (7 cylinders radials), 2 x 470 HPs at 1600 m, max speed 330 km/h at 1000 m, 345 km/h at 2200 m, cruise speed 214 km/h at 1000 m, range 3000 km at 214 km/h at 1000 m. The 345bis version had two Isotta Fraschini “Gamma” R.C.35 (12 cylinders inverted V air-cooled), 2 x 520 HPs at 4000 m, max speed 360 km/h at 1000 m, 415 km/h at 4100 m, cruse speed 216 km/h at 1000 m, range 2375 km at 216 km/h at 1000 m. External dimension the same as the base version. Illustrations is the radial version.
Neither, not the competitors were ever built, competition cancelled.


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Good find dear skybolt,

do you know any more about the competitors ?.
I have something on the P-117, will post. On the Imam, I know were to look, but not earlier than the end of February.
Hi Skybolt,

since January I wait for your piaggio p.117 post. Please don´t forget.

Thanks Maveric ;)

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